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Developing Experts in Change Management

Developing Experts in Communication
& Change Management
for Bold, Resilient & Impactful Leaders


“It is the language of our mind..

.. our plans and stories, our imagination, what we dare to think and what scares us that define how far we can go and what we are willing to change.
It’s all language. So as we think, speak, convince, negotiate, we create the rules for us and the world around us. Successful communicators are powerful leaders and capable to change themselves and others.
It all starts with the science of your mind.”

- Myriam Locher
Change Management Expert & Serial Tech Entrepreneur

Offers for Corporates, Startups and Leaders


Company Restructuring for Resilience

Companies experience major changes either through business model adaptations, major cultural shifts, fast growth or everything at once. Successful leadership in these cases always requires restructuring departments, decluttering processes, establishing new tracking and management tools and training more people on leadership. The ultimate goal is adaptability, speed, focus and the no 1 success factor: resilience.

Key People Assessment

Challenging a skillset is easy. Uncovering belief systems, commitment, motives, doubts and triggers is as important for a team to perform. Assessments can be done for new hires, before restructuring, to resolve team conflicts and to uncover the need for leadership support.

Negotiations for Sales, Financing Rounds & Exit

Everything is a pitch. Good sales always contains the same key elements of communication. When your people know them, they know it all. To establish routine and excellence, educating in-house trainers is most effective.

Negotiations for financing rounds and exit negotiations are the premier league of negotiation. Among other cases, we helped closing a 280 million fintech exit in 2018.


Leadership contains 3 elements:
- orientation
- enablement
- feedback.
All of that can be established through lean leadership tools. Add the right communication skills and get rid of limiting believes about peoples capacities and you unlock huge amounts of performance.



We invest in good nutrition, in education and sports. However, coaching is something we only do if things are really going badly. And only until the hardest part is over. That’s a mistake. The better we know ourselves, the clearer we can define our goals and set our tasks to grow. The more we know about ourselves the more we dare to become. Self-esteem is the biggest source of energy we have and it’s coachable.

NLP Certifications

NLP gives you the power to work with the language of the mind. Your own mind as much as the mind of the people you are supporting.
We certify along the high requirements of the American Board of NLP and tech applications for coaching and business.
NLP Practitioner (1 week preparation, 1 week training & test)
NLP Master Practitioner (1 week preparation, 12 days training & test).

Keynotes & Moderation

Sharing expertise on business and social impact of tech in times of accelerating change and how to manage it.

Entrepreneurs, politicians and everyone with responsibility for society is facing the most important task we ever had. Technology offers us the possibility to create a sustainable future. We need entrepreneurs’ commitment on solutions that truly matter, political support and answers to associated social challenges and social systems to help those struggling with the immersive change of life ahead.

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Meet the Founder

Myriam Locher is serial tech entrepreneur, language expert &
passionate philanthropist

Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who actually do.
— Steve Jobs