Myriam Locher
Founder & CEO



  • Serial tech entrepreneur since 2006

  • Founder and CEO of Bettermind

  • Co-Founder and Managing Director of GTEC Foundation

  • JEDI supporter

  • Partner at Blackboat

  • STARTglobal Advisor

  • Certified NLP Trainer

  • Keynote speaker and moderator

  • Strong believer in tech and entrepreneurship as driving power for a sustainable and dignified life

  • Passionate to support people with the desire to grow

  • Mother of 2 children

  • Fighting for a sustainable and dignified life through tech and entrepreneurship


10 elements of outstanding change management

  • Challenge the why

  • Explain the why, explain again

  • Educate on the neuroscience of change

  • Establish trust and test, test again

  • Acknowledge fear and anger and make them go away

  • Prepare for failure

  • Train on leadership and communication

  • Track the goal and the journey

  • Find respectful alternatives for those who reject change

  • Never think you are done